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Reading through ‘Vanessa the Wonder-worker’ together

Here’s the list of posts I did covering the book Vanessa the Wonder-worker. They offer some additional perspective and background. They ran over the course of Lent, Pascha and Bright Week in 2017, so there may be tie-ins with those times of Christian reflection as well. Click on the titles to read the article. Happy reading!

The four questions of “Vanessa”

Intro – Chapter 4: Following a rat

Chapter 4 & 5: Brothers, mothers & music

Chapter 6 & 7: Some help from Fr. Andrew

Chapters 8-11: Questing after a miracle

Chapter 11: Movie night!

Chapter 12 & 13: Woolcroft

Chapter 15: The Miracle of the Geese!

Chapters 16 & 17: Joining the festival

Chapter 18: Finding Mary

About Mary

Arguing with unbelievers

Chapter 22: Vanessa against the world

Chapter 22 & 23: Finding things out

Chapter 24: Vanessa’s visitation

Chapter 26: Where Mary came from

Chapter 27: Vanessa’s moment of truth

Chapter 28: The new Miracle of the Geese

Chapter 29: Who soars the highest?

Last thoughts: Photini, Vanessa and reaching out

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