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The Every Tuesday Club series offers young readers 21st century stories about living out their faith. With four books, including the newly-released Xenia the Warm-hearted — Grace Brooks presents Orthodox Christian life lessons in an engaging, appealing way.

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“I am such a fan of Grace Brooks’ series … “

— Frederica Mathewes-Green, The Illumined Heart

Queen Abigail is a treasure!”

— Molly Sabourin, Close to Home


Meet the Every Tuesday Club


Whether it's drawing or making up poems or just dancing in place, Abigail's creative impulses always seem to get the upper hand. When she started the Every Tuesday Club, she knew she was on to something. As for what it'll turn into, that depends on what they all do together.


Always quick with a witty comeback, Vanessa is almost as fond of the girls in the Club as she is of her own family. Her flair for drama is constantly leading her through turbulent times, but she is as quick to defend a friend as she is to go after a bully.


It's a lot of responsibility being in the Peasle family. With five brothers and sisters, there are lots of jobs to be done and little ones to take care of. But besides all that, everyone knows that the Peasles always look just right and act just right. But that doesn't mean everything runs smoothly.


People often look confused when Xenia says anything. Her strange remarks make people think she came from another planet, so maybe it's just as well that Xenia doesn't talk much. She hardly has time, with all the computer games she plays. But she can be incredibly astute about solving little mysteries.


Life isn't easy when you're shy. Whether it's in school or at church, Photini doesn't tend to say very much. But she is intensely devout, and when the girls are together, she opens up about her love for the Church and the saints.

Every Tuesday Club -- stories about


A journey through Lent; a journey through the Paschal season. The Every Tuesday Club books offer insight into life problems and how to live the life of faith and prayer.


Both in the relationships they have and in the problems that come their way, the girls find out the depths of love that come with being in a family.


Vanessa, Abigail, Maggie, Xenia and Photini find that that there's and a strength in each other they didn't know they had. To solve the problems that come their way, they will need it.


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