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I’m very pleased to announce that the third book in the Every Tuesday Club series is now for sale on Amazon — click HERE to pick it up, or check back here in a day or two if you want to read a sample.

The title is A Year of Every Tuesday, and just like Abigail when she launched the Club a few years ago, I am very excited. So here’s a little of what you can expect.



I’m trying out something different this time, as you might be able to deduce from the title A Year of Every Tuesday. We’re not focusing on just one of the girls this time, and the book isn’t a standard novel following one line of action. A Year is five stories that could all stand alone. Actually, it’s a sort of “year in the life” of the inestimable Every Tuesday Club, as the girls take an afternoon in July to go over the minutes of the last year’s minutes. We go along with them, of course, and relive some of the better adventures that unfolded that year.

This was a format I remembered fondly from a couple of my favorite books, and it was a great chance to explore some interesting subjects. School drama. Family problems. Faith questions. Boys(!) Yep, there were a lot of the girls’ stories just begging to be told.


Older, but wiser(?)

There’s a part of me that would have loved to keep all the girls at the same age they were when Abigail first formed the Every Tuesday Club. But if I did that, how could the Club grow? How could the friendship they formed back then get deeper and more meaningful?

So, the girls are another year older. Vanessa and Maggie are the oldest, and they’re actually brushing up against the dreaded teenage years. The others are a year or two younger than them, but all the girls are beginning to enter the time of life when life can be more interesting and exciting, but is definitely also more challenging and more complicated. We can look for the Club to begin to have harder questions to answer and harder problems to deal with.


Bigger world, more friends

This third book was a chance to widen the world that the girls live in. We’ve still got all five girls, of course, along with cameo appearances from some family members. But we show more of St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church, and also of the Broadmere — the restaurant that the church helps staff and run. We get to make a few new friends, including some that I’m hoping to bring back in the future.

And the girls get a chance to solve a real mystery, which was something I had really been wanting to do.

In short, there was a chance to try some new things and expand on what life might look like as the five lovely girls from the Every Tuesday Club grow another year older.

Happy reading!


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